How is Mobile Transforming Internet

Many internet companies have started taking mobile seriously. With the recent business deals in which Snapdeal & Flipkart acquired Freecharge & Adiquity respectively, the m-commerce segment has really heated up! Myntra, which is yet another acquisition by Flipkart, has already closed it’s website and gone mobile-app only! As Myntra already sees 80% traffic from Mobile, this can be considered to be a valid decision! Such advancements prove that mobile is indeed going to transform internet.

When it comes to mobile consumption, an average user consumes media on Mobile for 1.8 hours which is higher than desktops & TVs.  Hence, the promotional offers on mobile can attract better engagement when compared to promotion on desktop web or TV. Also, whenever the user is browsing content on Mobile, his attention span is highly concentrated on the mobile screen! This gives a great opportunity to a brand to communicate effectively with the user.

For every business based on internet, mobile optimization is an area which cannot be ignored anymore. Google has also acknowledged the importance of mobile optimization. This reflected in their latest update related to search engine optimization, known as Mobile Geddon. With this latest update, which was released on 21st April, Google has clearly indicated that websites with an optimized mobile presence will rank higher in their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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Mobile Transforming Internet (Source)

In order to establish a great & optimized mobile presence, a brand should build a responsive website. This would ensure that the website re-arranges itself according to the mobile screen dimensions. This would ensure a good user experience. It goes without saying that a good user experience results in higher engagement, culminating in higher conversion rate.

The engagement on mobile can be boosted by presence of a mobile app in the user’s device. The spectrum of promotions, which can be offered to the customer, increases exponentially if the app is installed in the user’s mobile device. The internet companies are aware of this and Flipkart recently set an example. They recently decided to discontinue their m-site. In case you want to transact on Flipkart through mobile, you will have to download their Mobile App. This might be considered as a bold move. But, 10 million app downloads support Flipkart’s stand. In future, many other brands will shut down their desktop website and go “Mobile Only”! Such sentiment in the market is really exciting and establishes Mobile as the next big thing!

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Mobile Transforming Internet – Flipkart shuts mobile website

Also, if you consider the current marketing campaigns, most of them are revolving around promoting the mobile apps. This trend is very high when it comes to e-commerce! All the major brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra etc. are persuading the user to download their app. Same is the trend in the cab industry as well! Eventually, end user is the winner here. He can download all these apps and avail amazing promotional offers. As he saves money, the brand just acquired a customer. The tough question here is how to retain the user?

Well, there is going to be a great revolution in internet space as e-commerce is now gradually shifting to m-commerce. There are many questions which need answers. Only time will be able to satisfy our curiosities.