Aimez is the fashion hub for super stylish and classy women who dare to look different and trendy at all times. They are an online store, selling accessories that range from neckpieces, bracelets, rings, clutches and earrings. Their collection speaks for itself and is definitely Off The Beat like they claim it to be.

Categorically speaking, the marketing campaigns of Facebook specifically are run in a way so as to cater to the varied preferences of jewellery ranging from elegant and sophisticated to junk and chunky. The campaigns on Facebook are as follows

BeAimazed – Keeping sales the number one priority, BeAimazed is a campaign that talks about the exquisite accessories available only at Aimez that would help you get everybody amazed at your effortlessly perfect look!

Beaimezed FlowerPower – Enticing the ladies who fancy their jewellery to be as dainty and elegant as themselves, FlowerPower showcases floral accessories from Aimez’ endless collection.

FlowerPowerBelieveInPink – Pink is officially the colour for girls, being as feminine as feminine can be. BelieveInPink is for those who fancy pink and believe in its power!

believeinpinkAddSomeColour –  When there is an option of wearing a colour that goes with every mood of yours, some people just believe in making the most of it. This is for those colourful souls who wear their mood!

addsomecolourSilverLove – Fuss free and elegant. Catering to the needs of those who don’t like frills attached, SilverLove is exclusively for the silver accessories available at Aimez.

silverLoveLessIsMore – For those who like to keep it simple and beauty accentuating rather than attention grabbing, this campaign promotes the minimalist jewellery for those who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

lessismoreClashOfMetals – Silver, Golden, Oxidized or Antique. Metals have their own command. And this campaign is all about promoting them.

The only thing we had in mind while working with Aimez was to ensure that everything was in alignment with the brand. So that’s what we did – kept things colourful and cheerful!