5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

If you already have a Twitter handle, a Facebook page, or a website for your brand, you probably already know that having a page or a website in place is just the beginning of the endless, time consuming procedure of keeping it up and active.

Very soon though you realize that just scheduling posts and tweets isn’t enough to build a reputation for the brand. The audience is more often than not, not looking for slick, streamlined brands and website. So, obviously your scheduled posts and retweets (no matter how relevant) have failed miserably in getting the kind of engagement that you hoped it would, forget creating a buzz in the social media.

So how do you do it? How do you make your brand engaging enough to get the audience hooked, and make them want to keep coming back to you? The answer is quite simple really (though not necessarily easy), all you need to imbibe are the core characteristic factors that appeal to people – humanization, connection, the ability to reach out to the audience and form connections with them, build relations and thereby achieve an increased customer loyalty.

Some simple yet effective ways of humanizing your brand, include the following:

1) Try Scheduling less!
Though the social media scheduling tools (https://blog.dashburst.com/best-social-media-management-tools/ ) are a blessing, which take off the pressure and allow us to brainstorm for, write and schedule posts in advance, this isn’t what is going to help your brand. By scheduling posts, you just distance yourself from the brand, for people can tell the difference between what is real time and what is not, sooner or later. So spend a little more time on it, be a little more personalized. Keep your posts casual and as colloquial as possible so that people can connect to them immediately.



2) Engage in Conversations
So you have quit scheduling posts and feed your page with live updates and information about your brand. It has helped you create the initial buzz on social media, but this buzz will soon fizzle out if your posts seem like a monologue or are presumptuous or didactic in nature. People will avoid your page, just as they would avoid an overconfident snob. So instead of just feeding your page with monologues, try engaging your audience. Ask questions, give them options and ask them to pick what they would prefer, ask them what their opinion is about any given scenario, in short – start a conversation. A conversation they don’t want to end.



3) Use Everyday Language
As mentioned before, using colloquial language is a sure shot way of connecting with people. Speak the words they will understand, and they shall respond. Keep the technical jargon and sophisticated mumbo jumbo in check. Social media isn’t the billboard for your corporate collateral anymore. It is a platform to connect and nurture relations, and this is best done in the words your audience speaks. Also, add elements of wit and humor as much as possible. For, when you’re able to impress your audience, or make them have a good laugh, you don’t have to worry about where their loyalty lies – it lies with you without doubt.

4) Turn your Employees into Brand Promoters
In today’s world, it is taken for granted that every single employee has a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and a LinkedIn profile at the very least. Which implies that collectively they can spread word to hundred, even thousands of people. So tap into this audience! Leverage these contacts. Let your employees post/tweet about your brand! This works two ways. It increases your presence on social media and also shows how much your employees love working in your firm. And no publicity is better than that gotten by the word of mouth.



5) Keep it real!
That’s right. First World pictures and stock images might look appealing and better, but they won’t do you any good. They won’t connect with the people, they won’t click. Showcase real time images of your workers, your office, team lunches or just random moments at work.
Show off your employees. Show the world that your team doesn’t comprise of a bunch of corporate robots, but real, lively people who not only excel at work, but also know how to have fun. This will strengthen your bond with your employees, while on social media you mirror what your brand really is – fun, happening, real and more importantly, human.



These are just a few ways of the many, by which you can humanize your brand. Engaging in quick and responsive conversations, sharing stories – both of success and failure, and other such practices that help connect with the audience will take you and your brand places on social media. Read our blog on Social Media Marketing | 5 Tips Before You Start (https://socialpanga.com/blog/2015/02/social-media-marketing/) before you tread the waters of Social Media Marketing.