Boomerang: What Marketers need to know about the new app from the makers of Instagram



If we’ve learned anything from Instagram over the past couple years, it’s how a single app can step up your marketing efforts! With boomerang you can generate content which is in between a picture and a GIF. It is very simple to use actually! The Boomerang app basically loops in five images and creates a GIF-like video out of it. It takes the same amount of effort as taking a picture. Boomerang is the third independent app release by Instagram after Layouts and Hyperlapse.

Videos, short videos and GIFs are dominating the social media platform today and this is seen as a creative push by the app developers to make engagement on social media more active and exciting! Many brands have already started to use it extensively, so if you want to be an innovator, now is the time.

Brands Embrace Boomerang

Any new social tool introduced is an opportunity presented for brands to reach out to new customers. Boomerang is a great way to show off brand personality.

Here are a few strategies to improve visibility using the app:

  1. Focus on the product/ service: Many fashion brands have now regularly started to use boomerang to provide a sneak peek into their upcoming product range. This helps create anticipation among the consumers and provide richer content on a platform which is very relevant to them.
  2. Brand Personality: You could take a funny or quirky one second video to grab the attention. This works really well with events. A great example of this is MTV using Boomerang to promote the European Music Awards. Boomerang works efficiently when the moment is captured as it happens, meaning you can’t record longer clips, shorten them, and then loop them.
  3. Contests: Helps bring out audience personality and engagement. This is a great way to momentarily trend and create buzz. You give the most engaging Boomerang the prize!

Simple & Sharable Content

Boomerang is very simple and user friendly which is a huge hit for any small and medium businesses because it is another cost effective tool for the company to engage their user base. Show off what’s happening behind-the-scenes to your consumers in order to get a better sense of appeal. Short videos are inherently shared, especially the ones which pop up with instant previews. Hence, in terms of reach it has more advantage over static posts.

Even though the videos are short, it is still one second of branding and that makes all the difference. The app doesn’t require users to have an Instagram account. Rather, it saves users’ videos right to their phone’s camera roll, to be used whenever & whichever platform the creator pleases.

Advertising Potential

Boomerang not only provides great scope of advertising for companies alone but for Instagram itself.

Imagery has started to replace text as people’s go-to form of communication. Just think about how excited people got over a simple emoji update on WhatsApp. GIFs are potentially the next emoji and Boomerang allows you to create them, which is equivalent to just taking a picture.

Ad options on Instagram are exclusive and very interactive.  It’s modern, young and incredibly creative. Last year, Instagram synced its ad platform with Facebook. Not only are you now able to advertise to your followers with photos, but through videos and carousel ads as well. Hence, Instagram Ads are a high priority for marketers right now.

With the advent of Instagram’s Boomerang, advertisers and brands are waiting eagerly for more such developments in 2016. What we can expect right now is brand adoption. Brands are now starting to adopt multiple accounts for each of their product/ service range. Generation of specific and relevant content & branding will be of high priority.