Nestaway - Production

Nestaway, India’s leading home rental and co-living service provider, approached Yellow Shutter to design a series of short YouTube pre-roll ads to capture consumer attention and showcase a host of feature offerings in a quick, easy to understand, humorous manner. The client wanted to use creativity to stand out amongst the clutter. We started by listening to what people were saying about their pain points. Once we isolated our main pain point, we created several ideas using it as inspiration. After watching several different concepts in production, we decided on the final ad shown below which showcases some of the benefits of their services and an outlet for our creativity!

Keep The Change: Nestaway rental homes, in premium neighbourhoods, across major indian cities are so affordably priced, that couples can now afford to splurge and be generous, like they did here with an extra large tip to their surprised driver after taking a super-short but memorable taxi ride!

Subah Subah Slo-Mo: It’s a good thing that Nestaway homes are located conveniently close to schools, so that our slo-mo superhero can continue saving the world without the risk of being late to class!

No More Dhoka: Verified listings mean that you never have to worry about being disappointed or let down with homes on Nestaway, which are always exactly as they look like in the pictures.

Instastuff: Moving into your Nestaway dream home with the love of your life is just as easy as snapping an Instax picture. So say cheese!

Gameover: Gaming time over with your bachelor buddy? With ready to move in couple-friendly homes, welcoming bae into a perfect new space is going to be easier than you think.

Arriving Soon: Make room for the new arrival in your life, and rent a bigger space for your growing family, with Nestaway.

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