For a brand that is rare like this one, the name was taken as an inspiration and following the concept and making use of alphabetism, elements were blended in an abstract way. The panga team worked closely with the client to build a strong communication for the brand.


Having worked closely with the team at Signamo, we realised that the best way to go about for brand communication would be in the synergy of ‘secure’, ‘reliable’ and ‘trust’. Thus, the communication was focused on the services.


The team wished to present the brand communication by bringing in the elements of their service: testing automation platform and devised the communication through its logo. Having worked very closely with the team at Appachi, we derived a brand identity based on our understanding of the overall process.


The process behind the design of  Caerus was completely based on the services – medicine, healthcare etc. The team from Panga worked closely on bringing out these details in the brand communication


Having previously communicated with the team at Neviton, it was clear that their vision was to create a brand that was in up-keeping with modern IT trends.  Upon working with different ideas, we’d decided upon using a font that was more technical and crisp in nature. We’d created a branding through the name that exemplified a sense of flow within it. To make the branding clearer, the “O” was replaced with a representation of a center. The center was an abstract representation of finding the best possible solutions (A prime mission of the brand itself) in a crowd of IT solutions.

Hear Labs

The thought process behind developing a logo for the brand was quite simple; to communicate the ideals of sound as creatively and simplistically as possible. Hence, came about the idea of combining typography with the most relatable element of sound – EQ sound levels. The result was a sleek blend of the two to bring about a level of branding that was simple yet sophisticated in its visual fidelity, that proved ample enough to communicate the brand’s vision and the services provided.

Muvo Labs

Reflecting on what Muvo labs thrive in making, we at Panga came up with a creative logo that absolutely represents them. Working closely with the brand, our team came up with the apt communication for them.


We understood that the brand wanted to present its essence i.e. ‘business made easy’. We worked closely with the team and brought this across through their brand communication.

Turn Me On

Having previously worked with the representatives, there was a deep level of trust involved that allowed social panga to fully build the brand from scratch. A branding opportunity that Social Panga was fully willing to return in kind.

The Junction

The idea was quite simple, when it came to working on The Junction. To bring about the elements swiftly, we combined the name and the very essence of what really made the idea of its name. The minds at Inc42 gave us the creative freedom to make something different. So we began thinking about what truly defined this event.