Our ^275+ Sharp

Meet the Mafias – the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the square pegs in round holes, the ones who have set out on the journey to change the world.

  • Himanshu Arora


    Every badass group of mafias needs a leader, and Himanshu Arora is Social Panga’s resident Optimus Prime. Going by the time he spends on the phone or on mails, if “selling” were a woman, then these two would be in a happily-ever-after relationship.

    He has 8+ years of online marketing experience and is one of the few chosen Google Product & Sales Partners. During his (extremely short) breaks, he likes to enjoy his Tea “Shot” and “Parle-G”.

    Blood Group: Selling, Customer Delight, Entrepreneurship, Old Bollywood Songs, Cycling and Talking.
    Weapons: Phone, Client Emails, Sense of Humour, Killer Beard, Bollywood Movie Situations, etc.

  • Gaurav Arora


    He dons so many hats through the day that it’s a little surprising when you find that he doesn’t have 10 heads and 20 arms. He is the energy centre of the office who curates the most insane ideas and pushes everybody to unleash their potential.

    He dreams to go Backpacking across the globe for 30 days and meeting his friends. His high point in life was when somebody referred to him as the Wikipedia of Bollywood Movies. Being disruptive is in his blood, and people used to call him Napster during his college days.

    Blood Group: Ginger Tea, Bollywood, MTV Unplugged, Manchester United, Food & some more FOOD!!
    Weapons: Work! It does all his shootings.

  • Sunitha Natarajan

    Associate Director - Digital Strategy

    The CCO (Chief Cat Officer) who is always ready for Pav Bhaji and Pitches. The omnipresent Radhika Apte of Panga — you will find her in almost every project, campaign strategy, pitches, plans, and sometimes correcting the alignment and structure of decks she had nothing to do with (thanks to her PPD – Presentation Pedantry Disorder).

    The ‘Chota packet, bada dhamaka’ whose door is always open for everything, from strategy to ideas to animal conversations to puns (really bad puns).

    Blood Group: Dogs, her hair, lasagna, fryums, McDonald’s, Cersei Lannister.
    Weapons: Enthusiasm, Writing, Death stare, Tamil, Ideation, Loud voice.

  • Manan Malik

    Associate Director - Digital Strategy

    Manan aka Punan aka Kabir, known as the ‘Akhand Sorted Mahaapurush’ at the Delhi Office, is a man of a million tales that flow like poetry through his words and his photographs. A radiant ray of sunshine who always has a smile on his face, he is notorious for his iconic tagline – ‘Yaar feel nahi aa Rahi hai’.

    Ever ready to help someone out, Manan remains cool as a cucumber in the most tense scenarios. In the Panga Wildlife Reserve, you can always find him by following the sound of people groaning and facepalming at his endless puns.

    Blood Group: Cats, Poetry, Photography, Dragon Ball Z, Coke Studio, Solo Travel.
    Weapons: Random puns, witty wordplay, and ability to work till it’s done.

  • Dilpreet Sandhu

    Associate Group Account Manager

    Fondly known as Dillo across the office, this vegetarian Sardarni leaves everybody stunned with her multiple talents, including scarfing down ice like its candy! After the roughest days, you will see her breeze across the office in her sneakers with mismatched shoelaces, offering smiles and hugs to anyone in her sight.

    She’s the apple of all her clients’ eyes (And ours!) so much so that she gets major shoutouts by brands on LinkedIn (Go Dillo!).

    Her go getter attitude and crazy poses can turn anyone into a true Dillo fan and it’s hard to not see what a cool cat she is!

    Blood Group:Photography, Traveling, Athleisure.
    Weapons:Her Attitude, Her Camera, Colorful Shoelaces, Heartwarming Hugs

  • Shreyas Kashyap

    Accounts Executive

    Of all the Mafias at Panga, this one is the Dada of Accounts! With his puppy face and killer calculations, he wins over everyone he meets. But if your invoice and payments are pending, he will shoot you with calls and mails.

    This gentle soul remains dedicated and stays glued to his chair until all the tasks are killed with perfection. He is the keeper of our books and the one with the knowledge of every penny spent and every rupee gained!

    Blood Group: Dogs, Trance Music, Masala Puri

    Weapons: Kills with Tally, Quickbooks and Excel

  • Mubeen Parkar

    Senior HR Generalist

    Just your friendly neighborhood HR. Nature lover, tree hugger, coffee addict. When I’m not working, I’m either out cycling or watching cycling videos or just dreaming about cycling. While my job includes talking to a lot of people, I prefer sitting alone in a corner reading (or maybe just thinking about cycling :p).

    I enjoy conversations about different cultures, occultism and how adding a mixer to whiskey is an insult to drink.

    Blood group: cycling, beach, plants, comics books

    Weapons: Humor, Patience

  • Archana Sudarsan

    Creative Director

    Literally one of the oldest-in-age in the set up, she puts the “Ma” in Mafia. 

    Godmother of all outcasts, she brings calm in the room and is a walking-talking reminder to pause & breathe. Can sing a song and create puns at the drop of a hat to any sentence finished or name blurted. 


    All fingers in different scripts and each brain cell in many projects, gives directions, whatever direction she walks in.
    Aims to create an army of the fun-nest bunch of teams to work with. 

    Flower child of the 70s. Proper Madonna. Cheerleader from the camphor gardens. 

    Blood Group: B positive 
    Weapons: The Midas touch of fun and funny 

  • Aditya Mankar

    Group Head - Brand Solutions

    Fondly known as AM on the floor, he’s the curious kid of Marketing, always has his thinking cap on, and loves meeting clients and leading the meetings.

    A photography and snooker enthusiast known for his operational skills & old classic Hindi songs.

  • Shweta Kulkarni

    Associate Group Head - Brand Solutions

    Is it an AM? Is it a writer? IT’S A POKEMON!
    Part-time anxious, full-time fun, you can almost hear the MAGGI jingle as her real life SFX in various versions for her many moods. True to her soul-Pokemon Jigglypuff or JUGGLE-ypuff, you will always see her balancing her many accounts with many sub-accounts, between her many creative teams smoothly.

    Approximately 5 and a half times in a year you can hear her vent out loudly on the floor, thanks to her internal megaphone. She otherwise has the calmest, deepest and huskiest voice, that’s music to most ears. Dependable, funny, dependable, supportive, dependable, poker-face, dependable, moody and dependable, at large

  • Amitoj Singh

    Senior Account Manager and Client Strategy

    This Mafia is well-sorted like a dictionary, manages work like a champ, is as calm as a cucumber, and enjoys food like it’s his last day on the planet. When he is around, the entire office experiences a cool breeze and extra sweetness – thanks to his groovy music collection.

    He’s the perfect demonstration of high tolerance to stressful situations. There’s 4 Ms he loves in his life – Memes, Music, Movies, and Mountains. Special skills include starting and ending conversations by himself, leaving others tongue-tied.

    Blood Group: Ad-Hoc tasks, Memes, Banana Chips, Bhakarwadi, Chocos, and Books

    Weapons: Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo because only a well-fed man can handle such great responsibilities

  • Neha Rana

    Associate Team Lead - Copy & Content

    Not just another Neha! Puns, poetry, jalebi and chai – fuels her creativity. Where there’s something quirky, there’s Neha! She dons the hat of The Hinglish Queen, cracking copies that leaves a smile.

    You can spot her sitting in one corner, earphones plugged in, wearing her regular converse sneakers, not lifting eyes off her laptop, trying to ignore everyone around, to crack that idea, that jingle, that campaign, that script – which hopefully will be approved at least this time.

    Blood Group: Adrak/elaichi Chai – Kadak, Coke Studio, Butter Chicken
    Weapons: Words, Words, and Words

  • Abhishek Mangla

    Associate Lead - Art & Motion Graphics

    Abhishek is the video–ninja at the Delhi office. Research says he is cooler than the Antarctic glaciers. You might have to kill him to make him even slightly angry! He can churn out videos like jalebis from a cauldron.

    And whenever he is waiting for those never-ending renders to finish, he keeps humour ball rolling at the office. He often dons the cap of a graphic designer whenever challenged by account managers.

    Blood Group: Masala Chaach, Chole Bhaturey, Travel, Photography, Being on the moon

    Weapons: Aftereffects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Witty Punchlines

  • Khitish Ray

    Senior Art Director

    Khitish believes god lives in detail and an image speaks a thousand words. A seeker of perfection, he hovers across cyberspace to discover hitherto unseen art expressions.

    When not busy working, he finds freedom in cooking great culinary stories from the heart of Bengal. Feet on the throttle, eyes on the road he is ever-ready to discover ‘Newfoundland’!

  • Ruchit Parab

    Art Director

    The only word that can define him is ART. It is rightly said that nothing goes unnoticed from an artist’s eyes. He is the right brain of Social Panga. Kind of a work freak and in search of some “Kadak kaam”

    Blood Group: Hippie Lifestyle, Traveller, Biker & Fine Art Photographer
    Weapons: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro & Lightroom

  • Priyadarshini Lingeswaran

    Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator

    A Chennai girl in Bengaluru, Priyadarshini is passionate about design and creativity. With more than 6+ experience in designing, she enjoys coming up with new and innovative ideas for her clients.
    While working if you hear someone humming your song in the background it could be her (With earphones on! :P).

    During her free time you can catch her sketching or illustrating interesting things. Always ready to learn and she is an ambitious person who hopes to be a successful entrepreneur someday!

    Blood group: Coffee, Nail Art, Foodie, Singing, Netflix and Cooking.

    Weapons: Dribbbbbbbbble, (Pin)terest, Illustrator, Painting, Friendly Nature, Music.

  • Palak Anand

    Senior Copywriter

    To keep her “creative keeda” happy and active, this mafia is always on the lookout for “hatke” campaigns, “mast” DVCs, “alag” ideas, chai, samose, loud Punjabi songs and an audience for her “tatti talks.”

    She is the Akshay Kumar from Bhool Bhulaiyaa, shakkal aur harkaton se “mast maula” but a 10-headed Raavan in work, managing tons of work magnificently. Straightforward, honest and funny, she loves to irritate people, play pranks, rant, and “apni baaton se goli maarna!” Yes, you heard it, “kabhi baat karke dekhna!” 😉

    Blood Group: Naach-gaana, drama, doodles, photography, shayaris, baatein aur khaamoshi.
    Weapons: Bada dil, tatti ideas, gyaan sessions, funny expressions.

  • Vipin Mohan

    Art Director

    Here, his success streak jingles with his nickname ‘V’. Fervent for his sci-fi passion, also got a prerequisite-to-success handbook for his past self (all hands on deck when time-travel is invented)!

    He uses his Marvel and cosmic knowledge to adorn the best cape when it comes to teamwork. Want vibrant shades enriching those minute details or cracking a BTC? You know who to call! He triggered the kick-ass, concept-based designs, all while mentoring and leading other team members.

    Blood Group: Science Documentaries, Rides, Weekend Trips, Gaming
    Weapon: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

  • Sumitha Shetty

    Senior Account Manager and Client Strategy

    Sumitha is proudly associated with 2 best Metro cities of India i.e Mumbai & Bangalore. She is a typical Virgo girl in a constant quest for perfection (+ processes). She is very vocal. Her ambition and dedication fuels her to keep going.

    She loves to clean and her need for cleanliness might reach a level of obsession. She is the one who will definitely annoy you with a lot of questions and will also pamper you with ghar ka khana!

    Blood Group: Coffee, Cooking, Mass Beats (May it be Kannada, Tamil, Hindi or Marathi)
    Weapons: Process, Deadlines, Loud Voice and the ability to say NO to a client on weekend

  • Anustup Mukherjee

    Senior Account Manager

    Known for keeping calm amidst storms, this marketing mafia from Bengal takes deadlines with a pinch of idealism. Known for his fondness for Hindustani classical music and sweets you will find him ending his day listening to Hariprasad Chaurasia or Shiv Kumar Sharma preferably in the designer bay.

    Being exposed to diverse subjects he gets excited exploring new technological developments in digital marketing and analysing audience behaviour against marketing communications.

    Blood Group: Hindustani Classical Music, Bengali Sweets, Travelling, Gadgets
    Weapons: Patience, Sales Funnel, Data, Smile

  • Pavithra Pasupathi

    Associate Group Head - Brand Solutions

    With all her experience, she has learnt that a good design is only as good as the research, strategy and process behind it. She also believes that her sense of empathy and compassion gives her a profound understanding of others.

    She is outgoing and social, an avid traveller, a coffee lover and a vegetarian foodie (yes, that is possible :p). Trust her to know lots of good dishes around Bangalore and ask you about all the new restaurants you’ve tried the food at. She’s a dog lover, compassionate and always up for learning about different cultures and the things that make them special.

    Pro Tip – If you don’t want her to cancel plans last minute, make sure they involve some physical activity XD. She loves getting some activity in the day.
  • Sumit Sengupta

    Art Director

    Apart from being a magicain in art, he’s a simple human being with music in his ears, mountains in his head and cosmic vistas in his eyes. He believes in a world which runs on humility and peace.

  • Jul Sharlin

    Senior Account Manager and Client Strategy

    Travel is everything for her, with a knack of exploring different places with the most unique itinerary. DM her for suggestions! Work life balance aren’t just 2 random words in the dictionary for her.

    She’s a nocturnal being, who can have sleepless nights (serious binge watcher) and still be up and ready for a 10AM pitch call. If you wish to piss her off, call her by her official name. We won’t say it either.

    Blood group: KFC hot wings, Bacardi Limon, Liverpool, Harry Potter, Asian drama & music.
    Weapons: Attitude, 6 UCLs, zillion shoes & bags, cooking skills & her bar collection.

  • Drishti Sanyal


    True to her name, she does have a vision, especially when it comes to content and copy. Most days you can see her curled up in a corner with her laptop, hogging her favorite breakfast:

    a bar of chocolate and working on the next idea. Quirky to emotional to desi, she’s explored many verticals including scripts, jingles, and a handful of formats! Oh, and she’s super stubborn when it comes to cracking campaigns: she just won’t budge until she gets it right. The only thing that can make her look up from her laptop? A woof from a furry friend!

    PS: She’s also the agony aunt of her team!

    Blood Group: Milk Chocolates, Lays Magic Masala, Doggos, Books, Pancakes
    Weapons: Sarcasm, Words, Multi-tasking

  • Pushpa Aunty

    Kitchen & Health Doctor

    The mafia without whom Social Panga’s office operations would come to a screeching halt would be none other than our very own Pushpa Aunty. Having been a part of Social Panga since its inception, she is the heartbeat of our office fam!

    Never seen without a smile on her face and a vivacious greeting, Pushpa Aunty is our go – to for any non work emergency, from hunger to headache. She is the prime advisory for our health (more than we are, tbh),

    because of which we try to eat our meals on time and fill our water bottles, lest we get in trouble for not taking care of ourselves.