The modern-day marketing arena is characterized by highly creative-innovative marketing and advertising services. One such immensely innovative advertising method is performance-based marketing. In layman term, Performance marketing is a method of interactive advertisement in which the cost for an ad is dependent upon certain predefined parameters like reach, engagements, lead generation, and sales. This form of advertising is highly suitable for businesses that use the internet primarily to reach their customers. Such high popularity is majorly because every dollar spent on advertising leads only to a positive ROI.

What your organisation only needs to reap these without-a-doubt positive returns on your investment, is a performance marketing company in Delhi. Then why go far when Social Panga is here? With our highly creative performance-based marketing experts on board, we can guarantee you concrete financial returns from your campaigns. Be it pay-per click, pay-per impression or pay-per conversion, we maintain the highest performance standards across the industry.

How you will come
to the Forefront?

Customer Analysis:

The target market is identified, and the online behaviour of the potential and current customer is analysed to identify the various pages, channels, and networks that can be targeted to reach the customer. This step is critical as it decides how well you can target your customer.

Optimizing Marketing Strategy:

Once the target market and channels are identified, an in-depth advertisement strategy is planned out, containing the advertisement frequency, target demographics and more. An innovative creative is made, which becomes a deciding factor whether you are able to engage your potential customer and influence them or not.

Optimizing landing page:

Your landing page should be extremely relevant and engaging to ensure that the potential customers convert once they are on the landing page. The landing page should be clear and must highlight the call for action.


Continuous reporting and analysis is done to ensure that the campaign is performing up to the requisite standards. Campaign data is carefully analysed to make continuous improvements then and there or in near future.