Juski - Production

When Social Panga and Juski kicked off together, they had to row through a few challenges. At the time of launch, everyone was flooded with information regarding the pandemic and negative news was going overboard. We had to find better, smarter, creative and positive ways to communicate to the customers without generating fear and misinformation. We created a word around the brand. The communication route, tone, and message had to be well thought out. We locked in on a colour palette and theme and established a uniformity in the communication that we see today.



Juski is a health forward brand under the Inzpera umbrella. It’s offering include :
– Anti microbial triple layer mask.
– Hand sanitizer with the moisturising power of aloe vera and green tea extracts.
– Duo-action hand and surface sanitizing wipes with aloe Vera.
Juski masks are designed as per WHO guidelines and provide ultimate comfort and protection with breathable 100% cotton inner and outer layer, splash resistance and adjustable earloops. They are customised in varying sizes and designs for men, women, youth and children. Juski also aims to raise awareness regarding the need to mask up for improved safety. With creative and refreshing content Juski emphasises on the need for safety precautions in the current times.


Our Work