Case Studies

Manipal Hospitals launched a nationwide campaign to honor doctors’ life-saving contributions, emphasizing the idea that doctors provide “rebirth” to patients. This initiative aimed to foster public gratitude for medical professionals and improve patient-doctor communication. Through personalized storytelling and interactive elements, including a heart-touching rebirthday film, patients were encouraged to share their “Rebirthday” dates on Instagram bios. Strategic media placement and user-generated content amplified the campaign’s impact, reaching 4.7 million and garnering 3.6 million views. Over 8,770 Rebirthday cards were shared, with 1.5 million Indians celebrating Rebirthdays in 2022. By showcasing a supportive environment for medical staff, Manipal Hospitals aimed to attract top talent and position itself as a leading healthcare institution. This initiative transcended geographical boundaries, receiving warm wishes from across the country for all doctors, reinforcing appreciation for their invaluable role in both birth and rebirth.


Rebirthday Cards shared

1.5 M+

Rebirthday stories celebrated

4.7 M+


3.6 M+


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