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When Social Panga started working on Van Heusen Intimates’ and Innerwear’s social media, the challenge was to keep the brand’s formal and premium tone intact and yet incorporate our unique voice into it, to make it more relatable to the audience. There was a lack of awareness about these sub-brands and no personality was given to them yet, hence we were to start conversations, curate content that our audience can relate to and do a personality-driven communication rather than a product-focused one.


Van Heusen Intimates and Innerwear are sub-brands of the globally renowned apparel brand Van Heusen owned by India’s first billion dollar fashion powerhouse ABFRL. Van Heusen Intimates and Van Heusen Innerwear deal with an uber stylish, functional and comfortable premium range of innerwear, loungewear, athleisure and activewear for women and men.

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