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Social Panga, as a pioneer in the field of digital marketing, has been building Wildcraft’s story on digital, amplifying the niche the brand has created for itself by carefully crafting a clutter-breaking strategy that connects with consumers. The intent is to not only position it as the outdoor and adventure equipment and clothing leader, but also as one that enables experiences by making the audiences Ready For Anything. And a step towards this has been through integrated campaigns and brand properties like #ExploreEveryDay and #GiftTheWildcraftExperience that have been built to solve specific business problems, coupled with platform specific spike campaigns like the Chief Gifting Officer. With a balanced strategy between creative positioning and engagement, the aim is to leave Wildcraft’s social media footprint all over.



Wildcraft is an India-born outdoor gear, footwear, clothing and travel accessories company. With the brand proposition of #ReadyForAnything, the brand aims to create a space for everyone who functions with an explorer mindset, not just on the road but in everyday instances. An enabler of experiences, Wildcraft is known to leave an adventure footprint through the world of social media.














































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