Search Engine Optimization today has become a function indispensable for the success of businesses online. Thousands of potential customers are searching for your services every day, and it is vital for you to ensure that they find your business with ease – particularly before they find your competitor’s business.
That’s where the carefully crafted pro service of the best SEO company in Delhi comes into the picture – Social Panga! Through our immense industry experience and continuous technical advancements out there, we have mastered the art of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to facilitate your website with a highly targeted and relevant reach.

Our creative and result driven teams will ensure your website’s visibility in today’s dynamic digital environment by continually updating your website’s content to every algorithmic update.



We conduct a comprehensive technical analysis of your website and inspect every on-page & off-page SEO factors, across both mobile and desktop. We obtain data regarding keywords, backlinks, duplicate content, and Google penalties. It allows us to understand existing gaps & identify the critical areas of improvement.

Consumer Behaviour Research:

An in-depth analysis and forecasting of your current and potential customers’ online behaviour is conducted to identify critical keywords and search their queries. The information obtained is compared with the current website to further identify key improvement areas and potential opportunities.


A detailed strategy regarding both on-page and off-page factors is devised. Continuous improvement is ensured by breaking down the strategy into monthly, quarterly and yearly objectives.


We boast of employing the best-in-industry SEO talent, ever ready to work across your campaigns, implement strategy, and deliver time-bound results. The teams exhibit unique expertise and are proud of being continuously committed towards exceeding expectations. And regular feedback allows us to fine-tune our strategy and implementation.