In recent times, social networking has boomed to such an extent that people love to take anything and everything online. And because of that, people who want to be heard are also stepping up their game and connecting with their prospect audience. So why not bring it to your brand’s good use? Reaching your audience on social media is not just a trend, it is turning into a cult that brands breathe every second. And who else can work upon your pain points than social media marketing agency in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)?

Why you should get started with us?

Because Social Panga is the mafia of marketing & social media, who can help a hero brand like yours, show the best of every world to your audience, and give your competitor something to be worried about ;)

How you will connect with your likes?

Social Media Audit:

Before jumping to building the right strategy for your social media channels, we will analyse your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter we will execute an in-depth audit on all your SM channels to come up with an effective strategy which will engage your audience more than ever.

Competitor’s Analysis:

To come up with a kick*ss strategy, we will analyse what your competitor is doing, what is the popular industry-approach, and what your audience is liking the most. That way we can incorporate the key elements into your social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy:

Keeping a close eye on what’s trending in your industry and what your audience is liking, we will create a monthly content schedule. Then we will update your audience with the latest content, be it daily posts, campaigns or ads, so your audience’s interest can be maintained across all the platforms.

Daily management & Reporting:

From daily updates, client communication, audience engagement, marketing interaction, reaching influencers, we will do everything to make you visible on any & every platform. We will also facilitate you with monthly reports, informing you about your brand’s performance across all channels.