Pavithra Pasupathi

With all her experience, she has learnt that a good design is only as good as the research, strategy and process behind it. She also believes that her sense of empathy and compassion gives her a profound understanding of others.

She is outgoing and social, an avid traveller, a coffee lover and a vegetarian foodie (yes, that is possible :p). Trust her to know lots of good dishes around Bangalore and ask you about all the new restaurants you’ve tried the food at. She’s a dog lover, compassionate and always up for learning about different cultures and the things that make them special.

Pro Tip – If you don’t want her to cancel plans last minute, make sure they involve some physical activity XD. She loves getting some activity in the day.

Blood Group – Dogs, Athleisure, Cheesecakes
Weapons – Brilliant Decks, Processes & Questions