The design of the website says it all. The design should be an amalgamation or the crux of what the company is all about. It's not about the way we make it look appealing and beautiful with pictures and designs but, every design needs to be connected and self- explanatory. Being a web designing agency in Delhi, Social Panga makes sure that the website is user-friendly, responsive, and seamless. Moreover, we unbind the creativity to produce and evolve through website, so you can also experience your brand’s Journey.

Steps about how do
we do web designing.


Here, an in-depth study and analysis are done about the project, where we understand the nature, aim, and goals of the project assigned, and understand the requirements which need to be fulfilled as per the brand’s demands. It is necessary to grab attention and make it easier for the user to understand the brand through the website as well.


Afterwards, we create the first draft from that understanding, which goes through the approval stage, where the idea behind the demand is understood and changes are made if required. New ideas come in with different approaches and minimal requirements arise. It helps in an insightful feedback regarding the project at a very initial stage.


After the approval stage, the designing part comes in the picture where the project starts in full swing. From infographics to the structure of every category’s landing page, a set colour scheme and elements are included according to the theme and idea of the project.


This will consider the full site design, where the project will actually be in shape. This stage ensures that the site is made for the users to sail through it smoothly without a bumpy ride. And most importantly, here the accessibility through all the devices is checked.


Once the prototypes are approved it goes through a full run-through, proper scanning and cross examination. The landing pages, banners, and every element is checked to ensure the quality of work. The result of the previous steps is the product which goes live on the website and serves the users.