Tata Cha - Creative Hub

Everyday Warmth being the brands focus, we have always tried to retain a brand essence that takes us back to the authentic feel and flavour of chai and the memories that you associate with it. Tata Cha’s digital experience is full of hand drawn illustrations that give out a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. Through a signature unique illustration style, specially curated for Tata Cha,  we were able to effectively narrate the story of celebrating chai and food of India, everyday!



Tata Cha is a chain of cafes across Bangalore, that brings the outside in and give their users the feel of a tapri, in terms of the addabaazi, the belonging, the atmosphere and of course: a cup of chai just the way we like it, kadak along with some garma garam snacks and meals. The conversations that run parallely in a tapri, the debates, the silences: all of it makes it the perfect place for you to visit frequent.

Our Work