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The brand that has made its mark time and again with iconic campaigns is now ready to take the digital world by whirlwind and this is where Social Panga steps in with their expertise to carve a niche for the signature brand.
Our Mafias at Social Panga are working towards building a social narrative, unique to the brand. With this partnership we will focus on strengthening the already existing brand values of a brand that is loved across.



MAGGI Noodles is a household name when it comes to noodles consumption in the country. MAGGI is strongly anchored in our collective palette sensibilities, whose iconic taste cuts across regions and demographics. Forty years ago, when MAGGI noodles were launched in India, it encouraged an entire generation to cook for the first time. The foundation of this strong relationship is the trust and love that the consumers have reposed on MAGGI due to its unflinching pursuit of the highest quality, uncompromising safety, and unmatchable taste. It has been a long journey with MAGGI in India. MAGGI has continuously brought about product innovation to meet the needs of the consumers. MAGGI continues to grow and evolve with the changing times catering to the diverse palate of India, be it in our home kitchens or the hills of Mussoorie or Munnar, the campsites in Rishikesh or Gokarna, or just with good old tea.









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