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Online Presence | 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs it

It’s a competitive world out there – with everyone trying to create that one magical moment that would catapult them or their business to the big league currently occupied by the Apples and the Cokes of the world. Closer home, the revolutionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running what is possibly the best online marketing campaign in the history of the country. And all this is happening while a teen standing at the local chai wallah is taking selfies. Do you want to miss out on this strong online presence? You must not!

We made a list of 7 simple reasons why your business REALLY needs to have an online presence. Tell us if you agree with us:


  1. The Reach: Why connect to only 10 when you can connect to millions! Imagine you’re on Twitter with about 100 followers – each tweet will reach about a 1000 people. With even a 10% conversion rate, you still have a 100 people engaging with you from all over the world – places you could never imagine! And you don’t even need to shout – just 140 characters through your online presence does the job!
  1. The Economics: More bang for the buck! Online presence and social media presence is much cheaper and far-reaching than conventional media. Cult Indian brands like All-India Bakchod have managed to become household names just by being on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and now leading Bollywood names are dying to work with them.
  1. Customer Connect: Know what they really feel! Your online presence on Social media allows you to connect directly with each customer and understand the ground realities. Personalities like Mr. Anand Mahindra and Gul Panag have always been widely lauded for interacting with customers and fans directly on Twitter.
  1. A Rich Media: Express your Creativity Conventional forms of media can sometimes be limiting but on social media which provides you online presence, you can use a variety of forms of communication – such as text, images, and videos, right at the same time. It truly makes you think out of the box and come up with integrated and interesting marketing campaigns.
  1. Not just a placeholder: Be everywhere! Through Google Adwords and targeted advertising – you can follow your customer everywhere using your online presence– right from their Google Search results to their Facebook pages. This will result in recall, and eventually, a buy. Nice and easy does it, captain!
  1. Easy Tracking: See the results! Social media offers sophisticated tools that help you understand exactly how many people engaged with a campaign. What’s more, with all the analytics and data available, you can even find out which products are generating more interest, and invest accordingly. Data never lies. Never ever!
  1. Impulse Buys: One thing leads to another leads to a buy! How many times has it happened to you that you opened Facebook to check how many likes your display picture got and ended up reading an article about Narendra Modi’s rockstar performance in the US? That’s exactly how impulse purchases work – social media can enable customers who have come to do something else to actually end up buying something from you through your online presence.


Have your own reasons or views about online presence? Share with us!

online presence