A business venture, a start up, a multimillion company, a bestselling book, a famous restaurant… all start small. Like a half drunken thought scribbled on a tissue at a bar or as a random idea that enlightens the mind on the throne in the morning. As the idea takes shape, as the thought becomes a wish, the wish a dream and the dream a crazy obsession whose fate isn’t left to destiny to decide, it needs a little more than just hard work to become a hit. It needs the right branding and marketing push. And who would do a better job of that, than us – the marketing mafias?

One of our oldest clients’ is Goodwyn Tea. With seven lush tea estates spread over 6000 hectares in Assam with a production capacity of over seven million kilos, Goodwyn is into providing authentic single source tea directly to the people.  The brand stands for elegance, class and sophistication and strives to ensure that people Experience Real Tea, which is its tag line.

Social Panga takes care of Goodwyn’s marketing strategies on social media platforms like Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. The marketing on Facebook is categorised into campaigns to give it a multifaceted nature. This attracts new audience of varied interests to the page while catering to those of the pre existing ones. The campaigns that are currently up and running, include

Tea Facts – This includes a series of astonishing facts about tea which take even the choicest tea connoisseurs by surprise.  This has so far, grabbed the greatest number of post likes on the page.


Tea Mate – Tea has everyone wrapped around its fingers. Being the second most popular beverage in the world (after water!) tea is consumed all over, on all occasions by people of all age groups. This series tries to break the monotony of tea time by bringing together the famous tea pairings from across the globe.  

teamateTeas Of The World – As the name explicitly states, this campaign talks about the different types and ways in which tea is consumed all over the world.

teasof the worldTea Quote – The love for tea is so great that even the famous personalities take a fancy for it. This campaign quotes what these people have to say about tea.

teaquoteTea is Forever – In the pouring rain or the scorching sun. Grabbing a chai ka pyala from a street vendor on the run or sophisticated English Tea parties in posh restaurants, tea makes its way in to our lives. This campaign talks about what an inevitable part our lives tea is!

TeaisforeverPlantations – Since single source origin is the brand’s usp, this campaign is to promote the plush tea gardens that Goodwyn owns.

plantationsSales – It goes without saying that the main purpose of marketing is to increase the sales. This campaign is about promoting unique products that Goodwyn has that makes it stand apart from its competitors.

salesApart from these regular campaigns, special posts for relevant festivals and occasions are posted.

Goodwyn is aggressively active on twitter! With over 300 followers in almost a blink of an eye, we keep the followers engaged with interesting news, facts and trivia about tea and anything that is remotely related to it – or not. We have a tweet ready before your morning tea is…and one to tuck you to sleep!

We couldn’t keep the amazing graphics made by our designers to ourselves! And so we have a twitter handle for Goodwyn to showcase the classy products it has to offer, its tea plantations (and our designing skills!). It makes a rather attractive handle to browse through – even if we say so ourselves!

Our marketing for Goodwyn extends beyond these platforms and reaches out to weekly mailers and newsletters, Google Display Network, and a little of everything as and when needed.
Goodwyn is one of those brands that keep work interesting. You think yours is too? Let us know!