8 Ways to Drive Sales and Traffic to Blogs

Blogs are a revelation today. What initially started as a means of information dissemination, has now become a

Blogs are a revelation today. What initially started as a means of information dissemination, has now become a community for discussions worldwide and it’s only been made possible with the advent & evolution of internet technology. Today, a blog is written, published and even discussed upon in a matter of mere minutes.

Blogs today cover a vast number of topics ranging from food related forums to something purely political and also for a marketing point of view. The beauty here is that such blogs are used as a powerful means to communicate one’s personal opinion on practically anything to the world. This in turn sparks not just a general conversation but also debates by driving in traffic from all over.

Regardless, blogs are a prominent part of a modern day society and are here to stay for the long run. But what is it that drives more people to read your blog? That’s the question most bloggers ask themselves when starting out. Most successful bloggers today are only famous because of the immense response they receive once their articles are published.

There’s a lot that goes into blogging than just writing about your feelings on a particular matter. Getting the right audience to read your blog is the key and can be the deciding factor as to whether your blog fails or better yet succeeds. Here are 6 ways to drive traffic to blogs:


1. Mobile Optimization is Essential

While blogs are mostly read through PC’s and laptops, much of that can be related to the recent past. It is absolutely essential that blogs today are optimized to have a mobile version. A mobile website is highly recommended these days since most people want their experiences on-the-go for convenience sake. Most people today see reading as more of a luxury on their free time and therefore look to doing so while sitting in the bus or at a coffee shop. This makes creating a mobile website absolutely necessary if you want your blog to succeed in terms of traffic.



Smartphones today, have been made easily accessible to all. According to Statista, the number of mobile phone users in India stands at an approximate of 640 million users. Everyone is mobile these days. Creating a mobile website of your blog will certainly increase traffic as most readers today prefer to read on-the-go.


2. Try Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Everyone knows that keywords are essential to any successful SEM campaign. Long tail keywords are those that exceed more than 3 words long in terms of keyword phrases that are specific to what you wish to promote. While it’s essential to have keywords relevant to your content, it’s just as essential to have long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are used to refine search terms to the web page, as well as when the searcher is looking for something rather specific. For example, “ways to improve traffic to blogs” is a long tail keyword in the fact that it’s very refined and more importantly specific.


You are bound to drive more traffic to your blog by using long tail keywords. This purely because most people’s search patterns today are much more specific than they used to be.


3. Get Social With Your Content

A more obvious way here and could prove to be a costlier option based on how you’d choose to go about it. Social media has been the craze for years and has now been incorporated into our everyday culture. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook can be used effectively to promote your blog and get the necessary traffic you require. In need of more web traffic? Tweet about it. People that follow you will immediately be alerted and possibly visit your blog. If you still find yourself in need of more web traffic, boosting your posts over social media will usually do the trick and gain you that much needed website traffic. Keep in mind though that Facebook is quite simply the best medium here.

social media

It’s as easy as a regular post. Just copy the link and post it. There are many tips you could use on Facebook individually to increase traffic to your blogs.


4. Make Your Blog Evergreen

This is a bit of a challenge. Making a blog evergreen refers to creating blogs that will last for years to come and never lose its value on the internet. For example, writing a blog about the Oscar Awards of 2016 will only retain its value for a few months after and will then lose its value.  However, writing a blog about the 10 best movies in history will obviously have value of greater significance.

The challenge here is to create a blog that will have great significance in the years to come. Creating a blog of less value will no doubt bring you the traffic you require in the short run. Creating blogs of greater significance will bring about traffic for years to come.


5. Link Your Blog internally

Linking blogs internally can be a very good practice. In simple words, an internal link is one that redirects to another page on the same website. From a blog perspective, this means carefully linking one blog to another. For example, you may be writing a blog about steps to lose weight. You may have also written a blog about how to go about a weight loss programme. You could in fact link the latter with the former. This not only increases your blog relevancy, but also increases your overall blog score in terms of SEO.




6. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Email marketing can be seen as a common practice today. It is a method taken up even by those bigger firms that boast a more refined and robust blogging platform. After building a list of existing and potential followers, one could incorporate the method of email marketing by sending in newsletters on a weekly basis inviting more readers to your blog. This could most certainly help drive in more traffic to the blog and gain a wider following.







7. The Need for Speed

A key to a successful blog is the speed in which it loads up. As previously mentioned, people today favor convenience over everything else. Such is the case with speed and it can only be attributed to the evolution of internet technology.


The speed in which your blog opens up could be the difference between someone reading your blog and someone completely ignoring it. It is advisable that you optimize your blog to open up faster and between pages as it invites traffic and avoids breakdown in case of a surge.




8. Quora Can be Your Best Friend

Quora is, well a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community. This is putting it simply. But it can also be used as a platform to slingshot your blog to new heights and attain traffic.



The beauty of Quora is that most questions are asked and compiled on the basis of subjects and themes. This makes it relatively simple to find the subject that matches your blog. If you’ve written a blog about the top 5 dishes in India, you could certainly post your blog answering a question related to food in India. This is bound to drive traffic to your blog.