How to Categorize your SEO efforts?

Search Engine Optimization is an important building block of your digital marketing strategy. Despite of umpteen efforts you invest in social media, without SEO, it would be difficult for you to garner a constant stream of traffic to your website or blog.

So, how would you rank in top 10 search engine results for a given keyword? We have tried to simplify the mammoth task for you by giving you a brief idea about various techniques of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO tehniques can be categorized in 3 broad categories. Each category has it’s importance. However, depending on your niche and nature of content, you may have to decide which category to give highest priority and which one to ignore. But, to decide that, you must know the 3 broad categories; On Page SEO, Off Page SEO & Technical SEO

1) On Page SEO: Under efforts falling under this category, you make sure that the content of your website is supremely SEO friendly. It should appeal to the end reader. At the same time, Google should also know that your article has the potential to provide immense information to the end reader. Let’s take an example.

You have a fashion blog and write articles like “Top fashion trends”. Now, for an end user, the content becomes high quality if he gathers useful information from your article. Now, you need to inform Google that your article has the potential to provide brand new information to the end user. If you are able to impress both, Google & the reader by your content, more than half of your On Page Optimization is done. The remaining On Page Optimization belongs to inserting relevant meta tags on your page.

To sum up, we can say that On Page SEO is making your content as great as possible, along with implementing some indicators for Google.

2) Off Page SEO: This category involves techniques which will help you increase your search engine rankings without touching your content. If your competitor has equally good content, it might be hard for you to rank higher only based on your content. Here, the Off Page SEO techniques would be useful for you.

The Off Page SEO techniques directly affect your domain authority & page authority. Increased DA & PA will help you in achieving better results in Google search.

For example, an example of off page SEO technique is getting published in a well known online magazine where your blog/business name is cited and linked back to your domain.

In a nutshell, Off Page SEO is all that you do with internet for your website, without touching your content.

3) Technical SEO: Technical SEO deals with making changes in your web/mobile design or coding in order to optimize website for SEO purpose. Basic things which you can change in your website, without touching content, can be considered as Technical SEO.

For example, improving your page loading speed by reducing code or page size can quality as a technical SEO activity.

At a macro level, these 3 are the broad categories where you can invest your SEO efforts. Going forward, we will talk more in depth about each SEO category mentioned above.

Have you started your SEO efforts yet? Drop a comment and tell us how’s it going!?