How to be a social media magician!

Digital Marketing can entail many parameters. Of all the factors, social media can help a brand acquire maximum exposure. But, what is required to create a massive following on social media? Here are a few thoughts about it!

Now, we all know the concept of “Viral Content”. Be it a video of a cute baby chasing a dog or an infographic chart representing the business scenario in India. Any content piece can reap abundant exposure for your brand if it’s engaging for the end user and has the potential to go “viral”.

In other words, viral content means super-interesting content! In order to create such content, you need to understand the vibe of your audience. On social media, the audience has many brands to follow. Why would someone follow your brand? The key factor here is differentiating & engaging content. Better content would directly result in increased following on social media for a brand.

Recently, Facebook answered a question which had been tormenting many brands. These brands raised an issue that the organic reach of facebook posts had reduced drastically. If their content reached 1000 users earlier, the number has now reduced to 100. Facebook’s answer to this issue was simple. You can read it here. But, the gist was that there are many brands who are publishing similar content on facebook these days. In order to get higher organic reach on facebook, your content needs to be engaging, interesting & unique. Due to this, the users will like, share & comment on your content. The next time you post something on facebook, the user who engaged with your previous content, will see your new post on his feed. Hence, it’s pretty much clear that if you want a higher reach via facebook, your content needs to be exceptionally engaging! This is the key to become a social media magician!

Now, I would like to include a recent observation and some related findings. If you observe the videos being posted on facebook, you will be able to see “views” on the video. This clearly indicates that Facebook has decided to become a direct competition to youtube now! A video on Facebook is more engaging than on youtube! The reason is very simple. When a user sees video on Facebook, he can comment or engage using facebook only. In case of Youtube, he needs Google + to comment. Facebook understands this and has set their algorithm to give higher weight to video content. In the last year, the video views on facebook have increased from 3 billion to 4 billion! What can be your takeaway here? Well, uploading video content on facebook can really shape up your social media image by helping you create engaging content!

I have appended a brief presentation which would give you tips about being a social media magician! Do give it a read 🙂