Creating your first Campaign on Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to do a lot of things. What initially started off as a way to stay connected with others can now be used as an incredible tool to promote and make aware to the world. With the advent and rise of Facebook, the possibilities are limitless.

With that we come to advertising. Facebook gives you the opportunity to digitally advertise on behalf of your client to whoever, whenever. But with this effect comes many complex ways to do so. Every ad has a specific objective or reason as to why it needs to be posted. When creating your campaign, what follows is a bunch of options or objectives for the most common of campaigns. Here is the breakdown:

app engagement

What you see above are nine different objectives based on what you aim to achieve through your advertisement or campaign. They may seem pretty complex in nature but in reality they’re quite simple. So don’t fret too much.

  • Boost Posts

To put it in simpler terms, every status update is a post on our wall which goes public for your friends to see. Boosting such a post to more people is what the objective is here. This is a highly paid method. This allows your post to be reached passed the organic level and allows the post to be seen by other variables such as friends of your friends or friends of people that like your clients page.

post engagement

  • Promote your page

This works quite similarly on the basis of boosting. However, it is intended to promote a page on Facebook. This will invite more audiences to like yours or your clients Facebook page and in turn generate more reach over the future. Demographics for audiences selected can be tweaked according to preferences.

page likes

  • Website Clicks

This is a basic norm in advertising. The objective here is to send as many an audience possible to your client’s website. This means generating enough clicks that in turn generate enough traffic through the website. The idea is to send as many people to your website as possible. What happens after is a different story.

website clicks

  • Increasing Conversions

Consider this more of an extension of the previous objective. While the last one was to generate page views, this in turn prompts action on the page. For example, if you wish to sell a product online, a conversion can be used which tracks the amount of people that have actually viewed the product and made a purchase. This is what most would consider a common advert. Using this method also allows the user to create their own ads that may be targeted accordingly. A UTM would need to be created in order to track such movement.


  • App installs

This is a very specific objective and not as broad as the ones previously mentioned. The objective here is based purely on clients who wish to promote their web and mobile applications. For example, companies such as Flipkart and Myntra would use such a method to promote the use of their mobile applications as a form of new media. The objective here would be to prompt the audience to install the clients applications to be used on-the-go.

app installs

  • Increasing App Engagement

This is quite simply an extension of the previous option. The idea behind this step is get more users behind your application or rather engage more people into using your mobile app. In such a case, targeting demographics can be tweaked to generate a much wider audience.

app engagement

  • Raise Attendance for an Event

As the heading states, the idea here is to raise the attendance at your event. Say your client decides to host a launch event, the objective of this option will be to gain more reach and make aware your clients event to the general public. Therefore, the audience can be tweaked and targeted accordingly. Note that the reach will not necessarily translate into an equal attendance.

event responses

  • Get More to Claim Your Offer

This is used sparingly in times of promotions and discounts. This will make aware of such offers to the public on Facebook and invite them to claim what you have to offer. It is quite simple in nature and is intended to generate & drive sales.

offer claims

  • Get Video Views

This is used to generate more views of any created video snippets or raw footage. The option allows the video to be played automatically without the user having clicked for the video to begin. This can sometimes generate interest while browsing.


All said and done, none of these objectives will work unless the target audience is defined. An advert or campaign is only as good as the audience that is targeted. For more on deciding how to choose the right audience, visit.