Taking India Global : BLR AR Port App

THE BLR Airport’s new terminal is more than just Digital, it’s a human experience.

The need was to pitch the same to our prospective partners, at the TFWA Cannes 2018. An AR enabled experience spreading over the next three years was strategized. The very first step of which, AR-enabled brochure, was designed and conceptualised to be compatible to both iOS and Android devices. We were primarily targeted to change the perception of the high-end retail stores like Gucci, Chanel, Apple etc. about the Indian market and move them into establishing a retail store at the Terminal 2 of the Bengaluru Airport over a period of the interactions in the next three years. The campaign consisted of interactive collateral (A single fold brochure) which was integrated with AR to provide an astonishing experience to the audience.

The concept of “Taking India Global” is a 3 step campaign that incepted to put Bengaluru on the map over a 3 year journey at the Cannes festival. The idea is to move systematically from introducing India, Bengaluru & its airport through year 1 and gradually introducing T2 in detail over the next 2 years before its launch in 2021.

The new digitally advanced & technologically suave India, which is ready for luxury, is to be showcased to the world in a rather experiential route.   

The AR experience is a symbol to show that India is still the land of diversity but also technological advancing in comparison to the other developing countries. The content starts with the introduction to diverse India, the status of the Bengaluru airport, a preview of the upcoming terminal and finally introducing the crowd to our social media handles. The Duty-Free and Travel Retail Global Summit is a networking event, the AR Brochure was the icing on the cake to keep the Bengaluru airport stand apart in comparison to its other competitors.

The Brochure Experience

AV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUE91Rm9qE8&feature=youtu.be

The brochure cover is designed keeping the enigma that makes India popular, The Taj Mahal with a messaging that reads “Incredible India”, both of which are primary recalls for the targeted international audience at Cannes. The visual element and the copy is built to develop an immediate recall to the destination, India.

When scanned through the BLR ARport app, the visual element augments to deliver a video that showcases the art, culture, diversity and history that builds the nation. The glorious Hampi, Magnificent Taj Mahal and the green city Bengaluru. The video ends with the introduction to Bengaluru with a typography that is a blend of the language, Kannada and English.

The design of page 2 and page 3 is the rendition of the Terminal 2 of BLR Airport. The copy on this section of the brochure delivers a compelling message – “Together Towards Tomorrow” . The page 2 of the brochure when scanned through the ARport app , will transition into a video showcasing the different elements of the airport with data that grabs the interest of the retail audience visiting Cannes.

With the introduction of Terminal 1, we go ahead with the introduction of Terminal 2. The page 3 of the brochure delivers an eye grabbing summary of how Terminal 2 will be in 2021. With the self-explanatory video, the number of interactions and the copy is minimal. The video showcases that the Terminal 2 will be an icon that represents Bengaluru, the Garden city of India.

The design of the final page of the brochure showcases the mighty Gopura that stands tall and elegant. The Gopura that is a Gateway to the holy shrines across India is shown with the copy delivering the message of – “Welcome to the Gateway to The New India”

The New India is written to deliver the message that India is now digitally advanced, the tech centre and the hub for technology, art, culture.

The brochure’s final page also has an immediate call to action for call & mail, both of which have been integrated using AR. A simple click on the phone symbol places a call from your device, without having to note the number & make calls, which in turn makes the accessibility spontaneous and easy. A similar interaction is available for Email. The audience also has an option to explore BLR Airport’s Facebook & Instagram pages with the click of a button.


The challenge faced during the execution was the delivery timeline of 15 days and with the launch of the iOS 12 with the AR kit feature, the need was to integrate as many features that the new update could offer in a rather short span of time. Understanding this new feature provided by iOS and to leverage it to the maximum potential added another challenge during the execution.

Our message of how the BLR airport perceives that digital is more than the technology it is about providing a memorable experience had to be brought across in a rather quirky, quick and memorable way. This message that had to be delivered was the most challenging part of the execution.

Awards Won:

The AR brochure was awarded in the “Best experience marketing through mobile category” by DOD awards in November this year.

The AR brochure was indeed a very different experience for our audience and as a result had a lasting impression. The ease of reaching out to the right stakeholders right at the touch of a button on the last page, made our audience reach out easier, making the turnaround time much lesser when compared to the earlier meetings with the same clients.

Entry AV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUE91Rm9qE8&feature=youtu.be