10 ways to get better engagement on twitter

The social media world is expanding by the day. It is almost unavoidable for companies to make their presence felt on social media, be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook if they want to gain visibility in the market. The power that rests with social media is such that about 2.5 billion people (almost a third of the earth’s population) are expected to be on either one of the mediums. With such reach it’s important that companies and firms penetrate and exploit the social media to reach their target audience. If statistics are to be believed Twitter alone has about 332 million active users as of January 2016. Here are a compilation of tricks you can use to increase twitter engagement amongst users for companies.

  • Timing your tweets:  It’s important that you understand the most active hours of your followers to target the tweets directly at them. Apps like Tweriod  help you to analyse both yours and your follower’s tweets thus providing you with data about the peak hours that the tweets should ideally go online at. This ensures maximum engagement on your tweets from your existing users. Tweeting on weekends is also an important factor that can help increase the reach.

twitter 1


  • Sharing Images: Graphic images leave a lasting memory on the minds of your audience. It makes the tweet appear more interesting and stirs curiosity about the text. Catchy amd standout images can easily boost engagement on any tweet.


  • Asking for retweet:  This is the tricky one. Most twitter accounts are hesitant asking for retweets but it must be understood that retweets increase the engagement on your account manifolds. Adding images to your tweets increases the chances of it getting retweeted 4 times. Its simple, adding images+asking for retweets=increased engagement.

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  • Using Hashtags: When it comes to using hashtags, always remember less is more. Tweets with one hashtag are 33% more likely to get retweeted than tweets with none. However, tweets with more than one hashtag are 69% less likely to get retweeted. One hell of a twister, isn’t it?





  • Number your tweets: The number of tweets you send out makes a considerable difference to your engagement level. If statistics are to be believed anywhere between 2-4 tweets is the most idealistic if you want an increased engagement rate on your profile.


  • Engage with other users: Active engagement with other users gives visibility to your profile. This boosts your chances of getting more followers and viewership which contributes to increased engagement on your account.  

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  • Language: Crisp, intriguing and brewed. These are three things that your tweets must be, if anything at all. At the end of the day, the content that you give out is what makes for your basal followers. For people to invest time and interest in your tweet, you must make it appealing, short and easy to understand.


  • Ask questions: Asking questions on your tweets make the tweets more interactive thus garnering more audience and engagement on the tweet. Virality of tweets is a very important factor in getting more audience and viewer engrossment.

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  • Quick response: It is essential that you put your followers first. Responding to tweets should be done promptly and queries must be answered satisfactorily. This gives your profile a personal touch making it more approachable thus increasing the rate of engagement.


  • Short links: Short links make your tweet more engaging and informative. Including shortlinks can make the users invest more time on our account given that there’s more relevant information given making the tweet more interesting