Steps to Grant FB Advertiser Access to Another Account

There are many perks to managing your own brand on social media platforms such as Facebook and one of those is being able to market and advertise yourself. The keyword here is the word “many”. Managing your brand or company on Facebook has many responsibilities that can sometimes be overwhelming to handle all together. In said cases, a time will come to prioritize these responsibilities.

As a result, you will find yourself only handling certain parts of your business and sourcing your marketing & advertising duties to a favoured third party and with that also means granting access to your company’s Facebook page. This means giving your account including Facebook Ad manager access to said third party. This tutorial will give you the steps on how to grant administrator rights to another user on Facebook.

Assuming you know how to access your Facebook account payment settings, it is fairly simple!

Step 1

Upon accessing the payment settings in your Facebook user settings, head over to the “Ads Billing” tab situated as the third option after the “Payment History” and “Account Settings” tab.

step 3

Step 2

You will be taken to the Facebook billing page that will ask you to specify a payment method. On the top of the page you will once again see a bunch of tabs such as “Billing”, “Account settings” and so on. Move the pointer over the account setting and click it.

step 8

Step 3

A new page will open up and you will see a bunch of Facebook options and account related controls. Ignore most of it and scroll down until you come across a section that states “Ad Account Roles”. The line the proceeds below explains your status and control over the account as an administrator. Next to it is a button that prompts you to add another person.

step 9

Step 4

Upon clicking the button, you will be shown a pop up that will allow you to enter the email ID you wish to grant the permissions to on Facebook. What can further be done is the types of permissions that can be granted. On the right side of the form, you will be given a drop down of three options that will grant the receiver a set of permissions.

  • Ad Account Admin – Grants the receiver full administrative access to your Facebook account including full access to the settings and permissions.
  • Ad Account Advertiser – Grants the receiver only Facebook ad access which is limited to posting on the page as well.
  • Ad Account Analyst – Grants the receiver access to see the Facebook ad performance.

step 10

The choice is yours from there on. Choose the option that seems wisest to you. Once you’ve submitted the grant, the receiver will be prompted in his/her Facebook notifications. Upon accepting the rights, the said receiver will gain the Facebook page rights permitted by you.